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Clubs and Activities

Student Council
 Student Council consists of 4 elected officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Athletic Director.
It also includes 2 representatives from each classroom.
Members represent their student body by bringing suggestions and ideas on how to improve Mills School. Members then present discussed items to their classrooms. Student Council members participate in school activities and represent Mills throughout the community.  Elected Student Council members are expected to demonstrate Hawk Pride at all times as they are the role models of the school.
Poetry Cafe
 The Poetry Café is a weekly club that encourages and promotes the writing and sharing of poems as well as allowing students to perform their interpretation of poems and books.  A few students also use their skills to illustrate poems. Students have the opportunity to enter a poetry contest which many times leads to their poem being chosen to be published in a yearly book.  Some of the students also participate in the interpretation of a poem at the Fresno State Peach Blossom Festival. By the end of the year, all the students’ poems are compiled into a yearly Mills Poetry Café book for them to take home.
Kindness Club
Mills Hawks students that are in this club find small ways each day to help someone feel good. When students are kind to others it makes them feel good about themselves. Simple things like saying good morning, opening a door, or even smiling at someone, makes everyone's day better. Students meet weekly, plan activities, and spread kindness throughout the school. 
 5th grade students have the option of furthering their music instruction by joining band or choir. In this band, students may choose from a variety of instruments including, but not limited to the trumpet, flute, clarinet, or percussion. We meet every week during the school day and work together to become a well-rounded musician.
 5th grade students have the option of furthering their music instruction by joining band or choir. In choir, students learn how to properly use their singing voices with a variety of techniques, but most importantly, we discover the power our voices have.
PE Championships & Sportsmanship Awards
 Physical Education at A.E. Mills Intermediate consists of a mixture of fitness, sports, dance and various activities that will help students to live an active lifestyle for life. Students will receive  P.E. 4 times a week for 30 min. a day. Students will begin the year with a physical fitness assessment to set a baseline for their physical fitness that will guide our teaching throughout the year. During the year we will be building toward the end of the year physical fitness test. Students will also be participating in sports units including flag football, soccer, basketball, kickball, capture the flag, etc. Students will also be competing daily for sportsmanship points given to each class for positive choices on the field, court and in lines. Classes with the most sportsmanship points at the end of each unit will receive a sportsmanship banner to place in front of their classroom.  Also at the end of each game, each class will choose a "Sportsman of the Game" award from the opposing team. Each "Sportsman of the Game" will receive a medal and certificate for their positive choices on the field or court. At the conclusion of each unit, students will compete in a tournament style competition ending with grade level girls and boys championship. The champion will be given a banner that will be placed in front of their classroom for the remainder of the next unit. Our goal during PE is to build a culture of positivity, hard work, competition and fun through physical fitness.